TITLE:  From Grace to Gratefulness, A Minister’s 21-Day Journey through COVID-19
AUTHOR: Sherri Hicks
In August 2020, Minister Sherri Hicks contracted COVID-19. She was the only one in her household to contract it. At the time, she was broadcasting weekly devotionals, encouraging her viewers to trust in God, and to lean not on their own understanding. God was about to make her live that testimony publicly. Her viewers were able to follow her week by week, from pre-diagnosis, to diagnosis, to negative test. She was so transparent about her struggles spiritually. She wondered why this would happen to her, a woman of faith. In From Grace to Gratefulness, she outlines beautifully how the virus attacked her mind, her dreams, her fears, and her body. However, she came out on top through the grace of God.

Her 21-day journey through the “valley of the shadow of death”, made her become 10x closer to God. While in quarantine, she was separated from her husband and 3 daughters.  Alone, she endured loneliness, depression, and anger. This made her count on the word of God, as she covered herself in the blood of Jesus, by putting the scriptures in her heart. There was purpose in her pain. Her journey birthed this book.

How long will the pandemic last?  No one knows.  That’s why it was important for her to give others a blueprint of how to wait on God, in the storm. On the days she couldn’t get out of bed or couldn’t sleep, she wrote. On days when the enemy whispered all manner of lies into her ear, she held onto God promises of hope and healing. Eventually, she did manage to gather the strength to leave her bedroom to walk around the neighborhood.  God prompted her to get out and feel and see the sun. The sun was the most healing element, because faith made her step out of the house.  As the sun warmed her body, she felt the presence of God. Obedience led to her ultimate healing.  It was a rough journey, from ego to delusion to surrender, the virus humbled her.

This book uses bible stories that she read during that 21-Day Journey, and she relates them to every aspect of her state of mind. Readers will find scriptural advice, questions to help them self-reflect, and a prayer to get them through the next phase of grace.  Sherri dedicates the book to all of the frontline workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, EMT, and hospital workers, who’ve dedicated their lives to helping others through this pandemic.  She also dedicates it to those who have lost their lives, and to those who have survived, as she has.  This book is her testimony.

Sherri continues to minister to her viewers at the Now Church FL Daily Devotional at 6 pm EST on Thursdays. It is broadcast on Instagram and Facebook. You can find her singing and ministering directly from the bible, giving encouragement, and sharing a word with others that have gone through what she has already gone through. Her path went from grace to gratefulness, and may God be the glory.


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